Katrine Lukins - You Are The Reason

Katrine Lukins

You Are The Reason

℗ 2013 Mikrofona ieraksti SIA Pop/Rock
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Izpildītājs: Katrine Lukins
Mūzika: Katrine Lukins & Kārlis Indrišonoks
Vārdi: Katrine Lukins
Garums: 2:59
Faila lielums: 6.8MB
Formāts: mp3
Bitrate: 320kbps
I was standing all alone
Tried to Find the way to you
And as the day begins to fade
There is nowere Else i’d be

No more sleepless nights, no more tears and fights,
wasn’t meant to be that way
To a better start, to a new beginning

I never wanted nothing more
As I walk up to your door
You are the reason i feel alive
When i’m standing in the dark
And i know we're far apart
You are the reason i feel alive

I will never let it go
Never be afraid to fall
So Don’t you ever lose yourself
You’r the one that fights for it all

No more silent tears, no more hidden fears
Nothing is the same again
For the memories, for a new beginning
This is it